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The island of Sri Lanka still remains a mystery, even to those who have lived here for their entire lives. There are still many pathways to be walked, views to be captured and moments yet to be experienced. Our goal with Tripin is to discover the island's hidden gems, make them more accessible and feed our readers a big bite of Sri Lankan culture.

Tripin is an annual publication that was established in 2012. Throughout the years, we've managed to raise the bar with each issue. More and more world-class authors, photographers and adventurers seek to collaborate and contribute their work as our distribution and appeal spreads further than we had ever imagined.

We here at Ruby Studio are very enthusiastic about each issue we work on. It is a privilege to see these articles come together as we build a platform for the people who have utilized the island to its full potential.


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Our advertisers see the value in being part of our exploration of the island as we've positioned ourselves in several thousand premium hotel rooms, stores and businesses across the island.

Purchasing an ad in Tripin for your business will offer you year-round exposure across the Sri Lanka. Our content is unique as we explore uncharted territory and get it into the hands of travellers and explorers.

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