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Rathna Ella, the 10th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka at
111 feet (about 34 metres), is a must-do on your list if
you are in the Kandy area with a day to spare. Located
about 1.5 hours’ drive from Kandy, the falls are situated
in an isolated spot surrounded by thick, verdant forests.,
The journey from Kandy to Rathna Ella (Ella is the
Sinhalese word for waterfall) requires a fabulous drive
along the Mahiyanganaya Road, which is an experience
in itself as you pass spectacular views winding through 18
hairpin bends, twisting and turning your way to Hasalaka
Town. Once you reach the town, take a left at the Gamini
Monument and ask for directions to the car park for
Rathna Falls.
Park your car at the kade (local shop) and begin the 3
km (just shy of two miles) hike up a most gentle ascent.
The path begins with luminous terraced paddy fields set
against lush mountains. Then it follows a small irrigation
waterway flowing down from the falls that leads you
straight there. Arriving at the beautiful and refreshing
scene of crystal clear water cascading over impressive
boulders and slabs of rock is well worth the cool and easy
trek under the shade of the surrounding forests. Once you
reach the top there are many levels of the falls to explore
and more mini waterfalls to discover.
The trek can be done by kids and adults alike. Once
you arrive at the falls, some agility is required to climb
over rocks and through the streams to get to the main
pool. Make sure to take your bathing suit as a dip in the
cool water will be irresistible. Bathing under a tropical
waterfall is one of life’s genuine thrills and Rathna Falls
offers up a truly unforgettable moment with nature that
is sure to transcend into a lifelong memory if you are
lucky enough to experience it for yourself.
Photo credit: Fazry Ibrahim
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