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Cities guide
Few islands in the world can boast such a variety of landscapes,
climates and cultures as Sri Lanka holds. With so much
diversity at close proximity, Sri Lanka is a tropical destination
heavyweight. Lush jungles give way to pristine beaches. Misty
mountains are etched with green gold. Giant waterfalls carve
the hills and feed the lakes. National parks stretch to all corners
of the island, teeming with wildlife and endemic treasures.
Apart from an obvious tropical beauty, Sri Lanka has a culture
and history dating back over 2,000 years. The captivating ruins
of the cultural triangle whisper of great kingdoms fallen, while
the streets of the capital are lined with distinct reminders of
a colonial past. Travelling around this island, you get a sense
of the humility, beauty, and resilience of its people and their
deep-rooted connection with tradition. As a travel destination,
there is a place and pursuit for everyone on this beautiful island.
Photo credit: Tom Tidball
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