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Distance from airport
: 32.5 km
Modes of transport
: Car hire, bus
Best time of year to visit
: Colombo
is classified as an all-year-round
destination. Although monsoon season
from May - August is generally wet and
April is the hottest month of the year
and a sticky time in the city.
: Cuisine, shopping, culture,
night life, historical architecture, city
parks, Hindu and Buddhist temples
Pro Tip
: Change currency in Colombo.
: Be sure to buy your
gifts and souvenirs in Colombo. There is
much more variety on offer.
The economic nucleus of the island and the breeding ground for innovation, Colombo is
changing rapidly. There is a buzz about this city unlike any other in the country. Like most big
cities around the world, Colombo boasts a dynamic food scene. From local street food gold, to ‘Sri
Lankan Chinese’ (a must try for you Asian food lovers) to trendy cafes and al fresco dining. Roof
top bars offer up some incredible views of the city, especially at sunset and are a great starting
point for a night out on the town. A return and retention of the “up and comers” generation post
civil war means that local brands are beginning to pop up and thrive, improving the hospitality,
entertainment and retail landscape of the city.
Colombo has a few city walks you don’t want to miss. Take a stroll through the fort area. This is
the hub of the city and the place where the old and the new coexist. Check out the iconic Pettah
Market where eccentric shops spill out in to tiny streets.
From there it’s a small walk to the Dutch museum on Prince Street and the iconic Red Mosque
on 2nd Street. If you fancy yourself a foodie, head to Hulstdorph for some of the best street
food in the city. In Colombo 7 lies the beautiful monument of Independence Square, including
a museum and memorial hall commemorating independence from British Rule. The buildings
are surrounded by a green park with an arcade next door featuring shopping, restaurants and
entertainment. If you feel like getting a bit of exercise, go for a walk in the morning or evening
and pound the pavement there with the locals. Another great walking route is to the National
Museum and round to Victoria Park; sit on a giant tree and watch the city go by. For your
dose of temples check out the iconic Ghangarama Temple in the heart of the city and for a less
commercial experience don’t miss Kalaniya Temple just 9.6 km away. A place of worship for
over 2000 years, it is one of great significance for Buddhists in Sri Lanka. The walls and ceilings
of the temple are covered in intricate murals considered some of the best artwork in the country.
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