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Distance from airport
: 7.9 km
Modes of transport
: Bus, train, car
Best time of year to visit
: Negombo
beaches are in season from November
- April
: Beach, food
Pro Tip
: Boat rides in an iconic
catamaran can be organized on the
corner of Louise Place at the end of Hotel
: Hire a bicycle
and ride along the Hamilton canal for
picturesque views through small villages
Negombo is a coastal city famed for its close proximity to the international
airport. With wide sandy beaches, a prominent strip of bars, restaurants and
shops, Negombo has a distinct buzz. It is not unlike, yet far more compact
than its counterparts like Kuta in Bali and Kawasan Road in Bangkok.
Negombo Town, a few miles south of the beach offers an introduction to
coastal life with the local fish market at the very heart. With a long history of
foreign visitors, the town was one of the first to be taken by the Portuguese
upon invasion, making it a Christian stronghold. Later taken by the Dutch,
Negombo was remodeled with a system of canals to transport famed Ceylon
cinnamon through the interior to the coast where it was destined to be sold
and shipped abroad as treasures from the East. Today the city’s economy is
centered around fishing. With the ocean providing high-grade fish for world
markets and the lagoon backing the town, it may be the best place to find the
island’s best prawns, crab, and lobster.
Negombo is becoming increasingly famous for waterborne activities from
boogie- boarding and kayaking to diving, sailing, and kitesurfing (January
- March). For a change in scenery, take a boat ride through the nearby
Muthurajawela wetlands to experience a unique ecosystem said to have
originated in 5,000 BC.
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