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Distance from airport:
233.4 km
Modes of transport
: Bus, train, car
Best time of year to visi
t: May to end
: Some of the best beaches
on the island
Pro Tip
: Pigeon Island should be visited
in the early hours of the morning before
visitors descend and the sun begins to
: A day spent at
Marble Beach
A considerable trek from Colombo, Trinco,
as locals call it, is located in the northeast of
the island. Isolated for many years by the civil
war, Trincomalee has had its share of bad luck
and is still seemingly underdeveloped today.
As a result, Trinco boasts arguably the best
beaches on the island and remains unchanged by
consumer tourism.
The wide long beaches of Nilaveli and Uppaveli,
both just north of the city are the best places to
start your beach holiday. Snorkeling is a must
and there is no better place than Pigeon Island
which is a short boat ride from Nilaveli beach.
Trinco also offers divers some fantastic reefs
and wrecks to explore including a Word War
II Japanese fighter plane. Take a break from
sun and sea and explore Swami Rock. It’s a
sheer rocky outcrop that rises high above the
city with views of the turquoise bays on both
sides. If you’re lucky, you might see whales
misting the horizon. The Koneswaram temple
crowns the top of the rock and is iconic to
the city. At the foot of Swami Rock lies the
Trincomalee Harbor, the 5th largest natural
harbor in the world, where local fisherman
gather at dawn and dusk to unveil the
treasures of the sea.
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