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Distance from airport
: 155.7 km
Modes of transport
: Bus, train
(Nanuoya station), car
Best time of year to visit
: February -
: Landscape & history
Pro Tip
: Horton Plains National Park
offers one of the best treks in Sri Lanka
and is only 28.5Km away.
: The Labookellie
Tea Centre on Kandy Road offers guided
tours of the factory free of charge and
also runs a sales outlet and a restaurant
on site.
Nuwara-Eliya is a historical town steeped in
Ceylon tea and colonial influence. Known as
‘Little England” Nuwera-Eliya is an idyllic hillside
town with the coolest climate nestled in the heart
of tea country. Once home to British planters that
converted the wild countryside into the manicured
emerald slopes for which Sri Lanka is so well
known. Traditional British cottages still pepper
the town, some reinvented as boutique hotels.
Though developing rapidly, the town whispers of
former glory while clinging to its nostalgic charm.
The Nuwera-Eliya Race Course down town is the
only surviving horseracing venue on the island
and dates back to 1875. The annual horse race
still continues today during high season in April.
Within walking distance from the town center is
one of Nuwara-Eliya’s biggest attractions, the 126-
year old, 18-hole golf course spread over 90 acres.
Nuwara-Eliya is the town base for visits
to Horton Plains National Park, which is
just one hour away. The only national park
located in the mountains, it dominates the
highest tableland on the island. A cloud forest
and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Horton
Plains cocoons a diverse landscape with some
stunning highlights. Namely Bakers Falls and
World’s End, where the southern Horton
Plains drops dramatically nearly 1000 meters
to reveal breathtaking views of the plains
below. Early morning visits are essential,
both to see the wildlife and before the
morning mist obscures the views. For a more
leisurely stroll try Hakkagala Gardens just 10
km away on the Badulla Road. Established in
1860, it lies under the Hakgala Peak; sitting
over 5000 feet above sea level, it is the highest
set botanical garden in the world.
Photo credit Tom Tidball
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