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The French have their fois gras, the English have their Yorkshire
pudding, the Vietnamese have their pho, the Japanese have their
Kobe beef, the Austrians have their wiener schnitzel, the Koreans
have their kimchi, the Canadians have their poutine (the Russians
have their Putin)… and we Sri Lankans have our pol sambol. There’s
an array of dishes that are a must-try when you come here on holiday
– egg hoppers, kottu roti, crab curry, lunu miris, lamprais, isso vaddai
to name a few. But our pol sambol comes from the heart. Although
a simple recipe, each family prepares it differently, and within the
family there will always be a member who claims to make it the best.
I’m that person in my family, and here’s my recipe.
The direct translation of ‘pol sambol’ is ‘coconut salad’, but this is way
more than a bowl of tossed fresh veggies with a vinaigrette. Prepare
to add some blood and sweat to this mixture; it calls for a little muscle
and it will show if you skimp. Grating coconut, grinding spices and
mixing till kingdom come will leave you with a humble bowl of
orange sambol that is sure to ignite the flavour of your entire meal.
Pol sambol is commonly eaten with a roti or string hoppers (a
steamed rice noodle). But add it to your breakfast eggs and toast and
you’ll never go back. So get your smartphones out and capture your
first encounter with this dish, it’s a moment you’ll be happy to share.
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