Tripin 2017 - 2018 - page 125

Welcome to the land of the coconut. You won’t
have to go far anywhere on the island before
you encounter one of these little guys and then
you’ll turn a corner and find yet another. From
the nuts being cracked open during Hindu
ceremonies to thatched coconut palm leaves
on the roofs of beach huts, the coconut tree
has integrated itself into the fabric of our lives
here on our paradise island.
We use the entire tree. There really is no part
that goes to waste. I remember this being
taught in grade school, where we’d draw a long
coconut tree in the middle of the page and list
all the uses for each part of the tree on the side
with corresponding arrows back to the tree.
This fascinated me as a child and to this day I
often come across new uses that I wish I could
go back in time and add to my school notes.
Did you know that coconut water can be
used in emergencies as a substitute for saline
solution? During World War II they would
turn to the peaceful palm to aid their injured
soldiers when their medical supplies ran low.
I’d like to know how they came across this
discovery and who was brave enough to try
it first. Nevertheless, in the age of celebrating
all that is organic and natural, the coconut has
long reigned.
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