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The obscure uses of all the parts of the
tree are fine and good, but what I believe
interests most of us is how versatile
coconuts are when it comes to cooking.
Brace yourself because the list is extensive.
In mass scale we package coconut water,
coconut milk, coconut flour, coconut oil,
coconut spread, coconut sugar, coconut
flakes, and more. Being the largest consumer
of coconuts, our traditional kitchens use
fresh coconut in almost every meal. Grated
coconut is used in sambols. Coconut milk
is made by combining both the white flesh
and the water inside the coconut. It’s used
in the gravy of most curries and, combined
with coconut sugar, you’ll find it in most of
our desserts as well. Take note, coconut oil
is used across the board for all things fried.
And, as if that’s not enough, at the end of the
day the pulp is thrown on the kitchen floor
absorbing all the dust and debris making it
easier to sweep it all away.
Once you’re done in the kitchen, head to
your mirror, because the coconut has an
abundance to offer in the cosmetic category.
Virgin coconut oil is the perfect hydrant for
dry and damaged skin. A natural sunscreen,
it keeps fungus and bacteria away and,
best of all, it will give you a glow that will
make you look 10 years younger, or so
they say. Ever heard of ‘oil pulling’? Swish
a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth
for several minutes and it’s known to clean
and disinfect your mouth beyond what the
average mouthwash can offer. Go ahead and
add a jar of this versatile and simple elixir to
your bathroom counter.
Internationally, coconuts are storming the
market and we’re seeing the demand for
coconut products on the rise. Here in our
homeland we tend to take coconuts for
granted with trees growing wild on every
coast and sellers at every corner ready to
cut open fresh king coconuts to drink. So as
you stop and sip away under the shade of a
coconut tree, say a little thank you and be on
your way.
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