Tripin 2017 - 2018 - page 16

This issue was a little more relaxing, since we
changed our production date from the end of
the year, when deadlines are chaotic, to a mid
year issue surrounded by the summer holidays.
This is a subtle change though, since we have
the blessing to live, work and play on our own
little paradise, where it always feels like we’re
on holiday. The sun always shines, the breeze
is always cool, the trees are always green and
the ocean is always the perfect temperature.
We take most of this for granted most of the
time. This is why Tripin is so refreshing. Here
we get to re-look at where we are and see it
through the eyes of a visitor, paying attention
to all the details and grandeur that we have in
our own backyard.
Once again we extend our gratitude to the
international acclaimed photographer Tom
Tidball, whose eye-catching images of the
people of Sri Lanka give us a glimpse into the
everyday lives of people from all walks of life.
This collection of photographs will leave you
We are pleased to showcase a few of our more
famous national parks and all the wildlife
they contain. In a land so rich in diversity
you will want to schedule a little safari time
while you make your way through the island.
If you’re looking for tips on how to plan your
itinerary, Robert Helm has some great advice
and insights. His article was particularly
interesting, as he returned to Sri Lanka after
a quarter of a century.
From cooking with Chef Adam Gaunt Evans
to picking a scenic train ride or the perfect
beach this issue of Tripin has a little for
everyone. We hope that we evoke the passion
we have for our homeland and wish you safe
travels as you explore our serendipitous island.
a few words from the team
Subha Grassi
Avisha De Saram
Amrita Advani
Dilini Ranasinghe
Zak Helm
G. S. Jeewa
Gayan Deshapriya
Pubudu Udagama
W. C. Jayanthi
Harsha Perera
Katherine Solan
Tom Tidball
Sadhina Abeysuriya
Abdul Halik Azeez
Fazry Ibrahim
Curt Martenstyn
Cara Pfund
Writing & Editing
Robert Helm
Sriyani Tidball
Chhimi Tendufla
Daisy Perry
Sanjivani Clarinda Jayawardena
Olivia Barry
Fazry Ibrahim
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