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Dry monsoon forest
Best to see:
Elephants and birds of prey
Best time to go:
November to March to see
migrant birds
30,821 ha
The best chance to see a herd
of elephants is near the rivers or
the reservoir.
Framed by the highlands to the north, and fed by the Walawe river,
Udawalawe National Park is considered the best place to see wild elephants
in Sri Lanka. It is believed that more than 250 elephants are permanent
residents of the park, making it the kind of place where the elephants
basically come to you. The park is also home to some notorious members of
the cat family including the rusty-spotted cat, fishing cat and the Sri Lankan
leopard. The easiest and quickest approach from Colombo is through
Ratnapura Pelmadulla on the Ebilipity Road. The main entrance to the park
is situated at the Udawalawe, Thanamalwila Road. The Udwawalawe Dam
is truly stunning and it is said that elephants swim across from time to time.
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