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Shrub jungle, grass lands
Main attraction:
Best time to go:
Most of the year, except the park
is usually closed from September -
Early October
47,053 ha
Your best chance to see a leopard is
first thing in the morning, and then
again at dusk.
Yala National Park, in the southern base of
the island, is a place of rocky outcrops, giant
weathered trees, ancient lakes and a beautiful
seafront complete with its own coral reef. The
second largest national park in the country,
the beauty of Yala is the sheer diversity of its
habitat. Of all the national parks in Sri Lanka,
Yala offers the greatest opportunities to sight
Sri Lanka’s broad variety of wildlife, with the
Sri Lankan leopard being the number one
attraction in these parts. With the highest
recorded density of leopards in the world, Yala
has firmly placed Sri Lanka on the map as a
world-class safari destination.
Consisting of five blocks, only one fifth of the
park is open to visitors. The rest is designated
as a strict wildlife reserve. The gateway to Yala
National Park is Tissamaharama – the visitor
center in Palatupana provides information to
tourists and assigns a tracker to all incoming
vehicles. The park can get crowded, so try to
get to the gate before the park opens to avoid
being at the back of the queue.
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