Tripin 2017 - 2018 - page 48

Lowland dry zone
Best to see:
Leopards & Muntjac deer
Best time to go:
All year round
131,693 ha
Spend the morning parked near
a waterhole
Wilpattu National Park is situated in the dry-
zone and has a unique complex of over 60
wetlands. It is the largest and oldest park in
Sri Lanka, but not the most frequented. Lucky
visitors may be able to spot the Sri Lankan
sloth bear, or the elusive leopard. Elephants
and numerous varieties of birds are a very
common sight in this park. A unique feature
of Wilpattu is that it is home to ancient ruins
including an old harbour and the remains of
what is believed to be Queen Kuveni’s palace.
Located on the west coast of the island, it can
be accessed from the Puttlam - Anuradhapura
Road. A four-wheel drive vehicle is a must and
one can be hired. A tracker will be provided
from the DWC office. There are also two
camp sites within the park, one at Maila
Wewa and the other at Kolmotai.
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