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Dry zone forest
Best to see:
Elephants & Birds
Best time to go:
All year round but the rainy season
is from November - January
23,498 ha
Get there for sunrise when the light
is most mystical and the animals are
Lunugamvehera was established as a park
in 1995, as a protected corridor for elephant
migration from Yala National Park to Uda
Walawe National Park. Providing access to
Yala blocks III, IV, and V, Lunugamvehera
is rich in biodiversity and has become
home to elephants, leopards, wild buffalos,
mongoose, bears and wild boars. Spotted
and mouse deer are also found in this area
of dry-mixed evergreen forest along with
thousands of species of birds. Weheragala
Lake is a distinctive feature of the park.
Rising from the still waters is a sea of dried
trees as far as the eye can see, like an army of
scarecrows protecting the forest. There are
two entrances to the park - one is located on
the Hambantota - Wellawaya Road and the
other from Galge. A less hectic alternative to
Yala, Lunugamvehera is an ideal place to get
lost and can feel like yours is the only jeep in
the park – a true luxury.
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