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Our next destination was Ella, located at
the southern edge of Sri Lanka’s Central
Highlands. As there are no trains there
from the South Coast and bus travel is
long and inconvenient, we opted to hire
a car and driver. Our hotel (Zion View)
was a basic place with good food, great
service, and fantastic views.
Ella itself is a small village, frequented
by numerous European budget travelers,
who are attracted by its location. Situated
at the top of a steep and narrow highway,
Ella sits at the gap between two ridges
of mountains, affording endless vistas
and excellent hiking opportunities. It
is a friendly and laid-back place, with
some good eating spots in town (try the
Curd Shop for kottu roti and tea or the
backpacker-packed Café Chill for pizza)
or at your guesthouse.
Ella is most famous for its hiking, which
is top-notch. The two best-known hikes
are Ella Peak (a butt-kicker that Zak has
previously conquered with friends) and
Mini Adams Peak, much easier for a fifty-
something body like mine. We opted for
Mini Adams Peak, a lovely 5 km walk
on a well-developed path through a tea
estate. The walk becomes a hike only
at the end, where we climbed a steep
spiraling stairway to the top. The views
were well worth our efforts. We also
indulged in a massage at our guesthouse
after the hike.
Pro tip: : At locations such as Dickwella or
Ella, bring a good book, or better, read some
letters to your son from 30 years ago, or still
better, talk with each other about meaningful
experiences you have had in your life or how
you appreciate one another!
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