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Kandy is a part of the Cultural Triangle, but this is not a ruined city.
Every part of this city is alive and active. And though it’s full of ancient
temples and monasteries, it feels very different from the rest of the
Triangle, as it is the second largest city in Sri Lanka. Explore Kandy
at your own leisure, for it is a beautiful place. This last capital of Sri
Lankan kings is a prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site. Make
sure you visit the Temple of the Tooth, known for safeguarding the
tooth relic of the Buddha and other newer sites, like a walk in the
Royal Botanic Garden or a promenade around Kandy Lake.
Some of the less visited sites in the Cultural Triangle include the
abandoned cities of Yapahuwa and Panduwas Nuwara, the great
Buddha statues of Aukana and Sasseruwa, the absorbing temples of
Aluvihara and Ridi Vihara, and the haunting forest monasteries of
Arankele and Ritigala. Today exploring these places in the Cultural
Triangle is quite easy.
Dr. Roland Silva is still one of the foremost Asian experts on the
conservation of historical monuments and sites, and has conducted
conservation activities and contributed towards conservation
throughout the continent over decades. Probably Dr. Silva’s greatest
achievement is the formation of a sustainable policy for conserving
historical sites in Sri Lanka that harmonizes the contradictory
aspects of historical conservation and tourism. No wonder he was
awarded the Arts and Culture Prize of the Fukuoka Asian Culture
Prizes. To study about Sri Lanka’s monuments and develop a love
and appreciation of our history is a treasure I will always have.
Whether you design your own trip, or go on a planned tour, it is
well worth the time.
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