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Ramayana is the immortal tale of Shri Rama that teaches us the values of
ideology, devotion, duty, relationships, dharma, and karma.
Rama, the prince of Ayodhya and his wife Sita are the perfect royal couple,
held in esteem by their people for their good virtues. As the old king dies
before he can pass the crown to his eldest son Rama, jealous family members
banish the couple from the kingdom, depriving them of their rightful throne.
Rama, his wife Sita, and brother Lakshman begin a simple yet happy life
in the forest. Before long, tragedy strikes. Princess Sita is abducted by the
demon king Ravana, the ten-headed ruler of Sri Lanka. Henceforth unfolds
the Rama’s epic pursuit to rescue Sita, aided by Lakshmana and the mighty
monkey-general Hanuman. Held captive on the island as Ravana tries to
persuade Sita to marry him, Rama assembles an army of allies comprised
mainly of monkeys under the brave Hanuman. They track down and attack
Ravana’s army, and after a fierce battle, succeed in killing the demon king
and freeing Sita, reuniting her with her beloved.
Inspired by the legendary Ramayana, famed Red Bull athlete and 12-
time biking FIMTrial World Champion, Dougie Lampkin toured Sri
Lanka between the 12th and 16th of May 2016 to trace the mythical
trail of the ancient Sanskrit epic. Set against the backdrop of the
island’s captivating landscapes, the heroic tale of action, virtue and
adventure sent Lampkin on a journey through some of the toughest
terrains he had ever seen.
Trial biking is an extreme sport that incorporates skill, balance and
power using a special bike. The sport thrives in the presence of large
natural obstacles where the rider must pass through with as little
physical contact with the ground as possible. In quite possibly what is
one of the world’s best adventure playgrounds. Sri Lanka is without
a doubt a trial biking paradise. The unorthodox landscapes of the
island exhibit immense potential, which Lampkin himself rated
no less than perfect for the sport. “My aim was to ride somewhere
completely different, with a terrain that is completely unusual, and
I liked how accessible Sri Lanka was for the sport,” he commented.
“Despite the weather, the terrain is quite similar to home – wet and
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