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Over the course of his four-day tour, Lampkin traveled
the Ramayana path of ancient lore from the shores of
the Indian Ocean to altitudes over 5000 feet (152.4
metres) above sea level, fighting slips with traction atop
the damp and uneven terrain of Rumassala to climbing
the rocky red cliffs of Ussangoda. Part treacherous, part
thrilling, and completely extraordinary, the trail also
took him upcountry where his bike was pitted against
the gushing waters of Ravana Falls – one of the widest
waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Considering the 82 foot (25
metre) drop of the falls, Lampkin was well-aware of
the risks ahead and said, “This was definitely the most
challenging, not only for safety, but if the bike went in
there, that’s the end of the trip.”
Faced with thick mist and low visibility, Lampkin rode
through estates along perilous heights in Hakgala,
following the fabled footsteps of the Monkey God
Hanuman as he searched for Princess Sita. Likewise, as
Lampkin searched for the next challenge Sri Lanka had
to offer, he happened upon a lush tea plantation where
he recalls, “Riding through here was a first for me. The
views down on the valley when I rode through the
estate were very special.”
“I love the opportunities to ride in new places in front
of new people,” said Lampkin. “When I rode through
Ravana Falls, I was humbled by the crowd standing on
the bridge and watching me. What’s nice is that those
people had no idea what my bike could do, no idea who
I am. The only association they could see was Red Bull
and extreme sport. And that’s what I love about these
projects. You take our small sport and create a big
surprise. Things like that are what make trips like these
so unique.”
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