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When did you first fall in love with the sport?
My Father was World Trial Champion back in 1975 and I was born
in 1976 so I grew up around bikes and started to ride when I was
three. I have always ridden and loved it from the beginning.
What did you know of Sri Lanka before arriving?
Very little, but one of my friends has a company based there and
once he found out I was going, he assured me I would be impressed.
I certainly was. The scenery is amazing.
How does Sri Lankan terrain compare with
other destinations you’ve been to?
The areas where we were welcomed to ride would not be possible in
Europe. The locals also really enjoyed watching.
What was the most challenging moment of the
trail for you as a rider?
The most challenging part for me was the climb up the long staircase
to the fort as there was no room for error in case of any trouble.
Also, the waterfall was very slippery and again no room for error.
What was your favourite moment of your time
on the island?
I loved all the travelling around that we did in the van, experiencing
all the different locations and spending time with the Redbull SL
team was great.
What would be your number one tip to other
adventure travelers when in Sri Lanka?
Travel around as much as possible as there is so much to see. I just
hope you have a little sunshine!! I can’t wait to come back.
The immersion of global sport culture into authentic local
environments allowed Lampkin to experience lesser-known
locations of Sri Lanka overlooked by most. We asked him a few
questions about his experience.
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