Tripin 2017 - 2018 - page 97

Train rides through Sri Lanka don’t just offer a window to the vast
landscapes of the country, they are an insight to the culture itself. The
tempo of conversations in a foreign language. Ubiquitous radiant smiles.
Pulsing music. The shy but curious kids that won’t look away and vendors
that hop on during stops and yell for your attention; waving tropical fruit
and local snacks, as they sprint down the carriage. There is no other mode
of travel on the island that can offer you such a remarkably immersive and
richly sensuous experience as you journey.
- Request for a window seat when booking your tickets.
- Bring a packed lunch and some bottled water for the journey.
- Make sure your phone and camera are fully charged so you don’t miss
any of the exciting photo ops .
- The train rides can get quite bumpy at times.
- The bathrooms can be messy- bring along some toilet paper and hand
Photo credit: Cara Pfund
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