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Holistic health is the new normal in the
pursuit of optimal health and wellness. It is
an approach to life that tends to the whole
person—body, mind, spirit, and emotions—
and empowers them to accept responsibility
and take initiative for their own wellbeing.
Though it may sound like a trend, a holistic
approach to health is hardly new. At least
not in Sri Lanka, a tropical island nation with
diverse ethnicities, religions, and cultures,
where it has always been part of the
traditional way of life and is now evolving
with the times.
Sri Lanka has a long tradition of healing,
even having the first hospitals in the world
dedicated to the sick. Many of its early
rulers prioritized health and were practicing
physicians. The iconic King Ravana was
an Ayurvedic master. The country also
exhibits a fusion of cultures that, although
very different, share some fundamental
ideas on wellbeing—the role of nature,
the mind-body-breath connection, a
universal life force. Some even claim that Sri
Lanka is located on one of the earth’s ley
lines—invisible, energetic lines connecting
locations of spiritual importance—making it
magnetic to healing practices.
Though that may seem esoteric, what
is undeniable is that Sri Lanka is fast
becoming one of the world’s most popular
tourist destinations for health and wellness.
With its history and culture, lush jungles,
wild beaches, and serene hill country, Sri
Lanka is primed to surpass popular wellness
destinations such as Bali.
More importantly, amongst locals and
tourists alike, there is a genuine passion
to provide and experience authentic and
meaningful holistic health and wellness.
Words by Anima A. Slangen
A Haven for Holistic Health
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