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training because of accessibility and
affordability, serenity, and authentic
teachers visiting from all over the
world. Many resorts and city studios
now offer various styles and levels
of yoga.
Meditation is a common
component of holistic healing,
which aims to create stillness in
the body and mind. One form of
ancient meditation from India,
Vipassanā meditation, is accessible
in Sri Lanka. Vipassanā means
“to see things as they really are.”
This non-sectarian technique of
self-transformation through self-
observation aims to liberate the
mind of impurities. Many Vipassanā
centers are found island-wide,
mostly in the tranquil hill country.
There are also less common
healing modalities available in
Sri Lanka such as Pranic Healing,
Craniosacral Treatments, and
Homeopathy, which are gaining
Reiki, a Japanese technique used
for stress reduction and relaxation
that promotes healing, aims to
help the flow of ki or life energy
(recognized as prana in Sanskrit
or qi in Chinese). Through the
light and unintrusive touch of
a Reiki practitioner’s hands on
certain locations of a person’s
head and torso, they can help
remove energy blocks and foster
Gamini Gunaratne, a Reiki master
who has practiced in Sri Lanka for
over a decade, has seen interest
and acceptance grow. He sees
his Reiki sessions as “meditations
of compassion,” as being a good
healer takes only loving kindness.
He teaches the art of Reiki in
Colombo as well as initiates his
students in a vibrant remote jungle
location in central Sri Lanka.
Cupping, another form of ancient
medicine used since the time of
ancient Egyptians, involves placing
special cups on your skin for a
few minutes to create suction,
which can help with relieving pain,
curbing inflammation, improving
blood flow, removing toxins, and
helping with relaxation.
Counseling in Sri Lanka has been
practiced through community
centers and NGOs to help deal
with trauma from its history of
conflict. There are now clinics
and centers also providing
confidential support to adults and
youth suffering from addiction,
depression, or other personal
issues. Nivendra Uduman is
a counseling psychologist in
Colombo who is committed
to raising mental health
awareness. “Counseling is a very
underestimated part of the whole
health system,” he said. “People
focus on pharmacology, but if you
give some time into counseling,
it can help—just like yoga, reiki,
pranic healing. There are so many
things that, if practiced ethically
and competently, can help holistic
health. Competency is key.”
There is a Sri Lankan saying,
“If you can’t be a king, be a
healer.” With the authenticity
and commitment of the island’s
healers, it appears anyone seeking
holistic health and wellbeing in
Sri Lanka can expect the royal
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