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Jackfruit is the largest fruit in the world
capable of growing big and heavy.
Growing up in Sri Lanka, where Jackfruit
was a part of our normal diet, we heard
stories of Jackfruits that have grown to
100 pounds in weight. It is considered
the largest tree-borne fruit in the world
with an average weight of 3.5kg to 10 kg,
and seeing large Jackfruits on roadside
markets is still a common sight. The fruit
is eaten when it is raw, when it is half
ripe, and when fully ripe the flesh of the
fruit is bright yellow and super sweet
and considered a dessert.
In recent years people have been raving
about how good ‘Jack’ is for you. It’s not
the fruit’s size that makes it so beneficial
— it’s the nutrition and of course the
delicious taste. Today nutritionists,
doctors that promote natural cures and
the common man, consider Jackfruit a
superfood, or more like a miracle food
loaded with excellent nutrients and is
quite addictive.
Jackfruit is high in magnesium,
potassium, B vitamins and antioxidants
while being considered a low-carb,
high protein snack. When I was young I
remmeber eating it curried, fried, dried,
or roasted. It was often added to soups,
jams, juices and even ice cream. We also
ate it fresh and raw, but our favorite
was Jackfruit chips. Gourmet chefs say
that it makes the perfect vegan “pulled-
pork” sandwich. Part of the reason for
this is when the raw small fruits cooked,
it’s a brown hue with a texture similar
to meat. When seasoned well it does
make a great sandwich. Many local
cooks specialize in making a great “Polos
Curry” made from a young Jackfruit.
So there is no question Jackfruit is
an extremely versatile food. It can be
consumed on its own or be incorporated
in various dishes.
Jackfruit health benefits includes;
increasing energy levels, boosting
immune system, supporting
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