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cardiovascular system, increasing red blood
cell count and preventing anemia. It is
also well-known for improving digestion,
preventing colon cancer and protecting
eyes. Other benefits include; slowing down
the aging process, promoting bone health,
and increasing sperm count. Jackfruit has
a low glycemic index and provides some
fiber, protein and antioxidants, all of which
may promote better blood sugar control.
Furthermore, it contains some of almost
every vitamin and mineral that you ever
need. The list goes on, so no matter what ails
you, just eat some Jackfruit and it seems like
you will be just fine.
We always ate Jackfruit seeds. We were told
that the seeds of this fruit were extremely
healthy. These seeds are rich in thiamin and
riboflavin which turns the food you eat into
energy and keep your eyes, skin and hair
healthy. Nutritionists claim that the seeds
provide small amounts of minerals like
zinc, iron, calcium, copper, potassium and
magnesium. We usually made a black curry
with the seeds. They can also be boiled,
roasted or ground into flour and made into
many different dishes. The seeds are used in
traditional Ayurvedic medicine to help with
digestive tract issues.
Sri Lankans believe that Jackfruit seeds fight
wrinkles, help with stress and promotes
overall well-being. A growing number of
people from the West are now choosing
Jackfruits over the usual sweet fruits because
of its plethora of nutrients and health
In addition to its sweet, delicious, taste and
smell, every part of this tree is medically
beneficial including the bark, leaves, roots,
flowers and pulp, each part has its individual
qualities. These facts and more discoveries
are drawing more attention to this fruit.
We’re seeing more and more people include
it in their diets. You too can start including
Jackfruit in your meals and watch yourself
feel and look fabulous.
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