Tripin 2019 - page 108

Taking a trip to a foreign
destination is always an insightful
experience. Knowing and
respecting local culture and
customs is an important aspect of
travelling well. It can open doors
to a more rewarding experience
and avoid causing potential
embarrassment or offense to locals
in the countries you visit. Travel
taboos are not always easy to
navigate, so we’ve put together a
few to avoid, while you enjoy Tripin
through Sri Lanka.
Show some respect for cultural
appropriateness and don’t
get frisky in public. This is not
acceptable behavior in Sri Lanka
and would almost always draw
unwanted attention. Dressing
modestly is worth considering,
especially when entering religious
or cultural sites. Covering your
shoulders and legs would be
If you’re tempted to take a Selfie
while exploring an ancient ruin or
temple, bare in mind that turning
your back to a statue is gravely
disrespectful in our culture.
Illustrations by Zev Landes
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