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Indulge in Local Cuisine
We all have that friend that
travels to a foreign country only
to gravitate towards the familiar.
When it comes to trying local food
this is the ultimate tragedy. Indulge
in Sri Lankan cuisine as it offers
some of the freshest curries and
condiments in the world. If spice
is an issue, opt for the coconut
based curries rather than the
darker spicier varieties. For those
that are more health conscious,
guess what? Traditional Sri Lankan
food is gluten and dairy free with
a staggering variety of superfood
heavyweights in constant
Tipping can be a tricky affair when
travelling. How much do you tip?
How often? On this island the
locals tip, its part of our culture
and considered the norm. This
usually includes an entire spectrum
of the service and hospitality
industry. Service charge will vary
depending on the particular
establishment but it is customary
to tip on top of the final bill. Most
locals deal with low salaries so
every little helps.
There are places in the world
where aggressive bargaining is
acceptable. Sri Lanka is not one
of them. It is not considered fair
to negotiate prices for produce or
retail items. When a vendor quotes
you a price, it is understood that
it is not open to confrontational
negotiations. Of course there are
instances where a local may try to
rip off a foreigner. However, use
your instinct in this regard and do
not assume this is the way of our
You may be tempted by fantasies
of riding wild beasts through
tropical jungles, but we urge you to
reconsider. We have been blessed
with a country teeming with
spectacular wildlife and a long-
standing cultural fascination with
the elephant in particular. There
are those who chose to exploit this
gentle giant and when travelling
through the island, you may notice
elephant rides on offer. Often these
animals are not treated well and
we urge travelers to reject this
notion so we can come together
eradicate this brutal exploitation.
This usually goes without saying, as
most countries are far ahead of Sri
Lanka in waste management and
awareness. Since Sri Lanka does not
have the infrastructure to provide
island wide waste disposal and you
may notice there aren’t many rubbish
bins around. Please be aware of this
and take your own trash bag when
your travel, so you can avoid littering
and dispose of it appropriately when
you get the chance.
Also bare in mind to take your own
reusable water bottle, so you do not
add to the massive issue of single use
plastics. As tourism grows, so does
the issue of disposing of water bottles.
Together we can make a change.
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