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Two of Colombo’s favorurite culinary locales
to explore on an evening in Colombo are
Galle Face Green and Hulftsdorp Street.
Hulfstdorp street is a meat lovers paradise -
for those with stomachs of steel! Begin your
food adventure at Abdul Hameed Street - a
short but dense row full of local eateries that
feature traditional Muslim recipes, fusion
dishes and desserts.
Start with the Beef Rolls - spicy minced
beef wrapped a soft doughy roti from the
shop directly across the mosque. Next,
choose from a myriad of fiery looking curries
including mutton brain, tripe, various chicken
parts, cuttlefish or fish egg curry served up
with light and fluffy rotis or parathas doused
in butter or ghee. If you aren’t feeling all that
adventurous - grilled meat is al-ways a good
option. Spiced barbecued chicken legs are
charred and fanned on rustic grills.
Wrap up your meal here with a Panni Patis
- Grated coconut and honey stuffed into a
doughy shell and fried up, along with your
choice of plain tea, milk tea or ginger coffee.
Meanwhile at Galle Face Green - a row of
repeating delicacies line the shore Isso Vade
(a fried shrimp fritter), Ulundu Vade (a donut
shaped lentil fritter) and Achcharu (a variety
of local raw fruits quick pickled in vinegar and
spices). A small but mighty cart is the one that
serves fried potato and cassava in all kinds of
shapes and sizes.
If you’ve saved space for dinner, the row of
barbecue joints with ‘Nana’ in the name - each
claiming to be the more established, most
famous one on the strip provide the perfect
setting to have a cold beer. These spots do
more than just barbecue meats and seafood,
they also have other Lankan favourites like
Kottu Roti and any meat or seafood of your
choice prepared ‘Deviled’ style.
Vendors selling ice cream and Saravita
(brightly coloured shredded coconut stuffed in
betel leaves) parade up and down the strip if
you’re in need of a quick palate cleanser after
the flavourful feast!
Food is often the easiest way to get to know
a city and it’s culture. Spending an evening
visiting the eateries surrounding the mosque
on Abdul Hameed Street and walking along
the promenade at Galle Face Green with
upcoming high-rises in the near distance gives
travellers a taste of the past, present and
future of Colombo.
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