Tripin 2019 - page 22

bird’s eye view
Seeing the world from above can be
a transformative experience. Even the
most familiar places become redefined as
otherworldly textures, shapes and colours. In
an age when we are bombarded with imagery,
a birds-eye view allows us to rediscover and
reimagine the world we live in. Love it or hate
it, thanks to drone technology we all get to see
a lot more than we ever have before. Stealing
sacred snapshots of natures true bounty its
most noble gift.
If aerial photography turns you on, there may
be no better subject than the island nation of
Sri Lanka. Intoxicatingly lush, curvy and full of
hidden charms, it has seduced travellers for
centuries. Abundant in natural wonder and
characteristically diverse in splendor, she really
is the pearl of the Indian Ocean.
Sri Lanka’s Civil Aviation Authority, flying a drone in
Sri Lanka is legal, but it is worth being aware of local
drone regulations and necessary permits.
Photos by Neshantha Jayamaha
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