Tripin 2019 - page 30

Southern Sri Lanka is truly a place
that dreams are made of. Between the
sparkling seas, smiling locals, sweeping
palms and abundant ocean life, there
are spectacular surf breaks that range
from punchy reef breaks and rolling
barrels to flowing beginner waves.
Today, I want to take you on an
adventure of southern Sri Lanka’s
Words by Emma Wijayasinghe
Photos by Julien Binch Binet
surfing hot spots. I’ve gained this
knowledge from living in and traveling
around Sri Lanka over many years. As
a qualified surf instructor back home in
Australia, I fell in love with the diversity
of waves available on this island.
Currently, I’m in love with long boarding
and I’m most often riding my Chipiron
(@chipironsurfboards) 9ft turquoise log
(in case you see me out there. Make sure
to say hello).
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