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Adam’s Bridge - On a clear dawn, you can see
the far end of the Southeastern coast of India
from Thalaimannar in Sri Lanka. During low tide
season, with prior arrangements, you can visit
some of these islands, to trace the footsteps
taken by Rama and Hanuman and their troops
to find Sita as tolled in the ancient epic The
For easy access to the area, the Vayu Resort is
a great point of contact. Named after the father
of Hannuman, God Vayu is the Lord of wind
according to Hindu mythology. The tranquility of
the virgin beaches in Mannar is only broken by
the sounds of the swirling winds making it the
epicenter for Kite surfing during the South West
Monsoon Season.
During the kiting season, there are many
enthusiasts keen to learn the sports that come
to the area to take lessons. Even if you are
not a kiter, just watching the pros do mid air
somersaults is worth a visit to this beach. The
evening session when the kiters line the sky
against the setting sun is definitely a good way
to end your day.
If there is not enough wind for kiting, the resident
trainers who are aced in Yoga will have you
bending in all directions giving you a good work
out, helping you relax. Mannar is not just known
for its historical appeal, it also attracts large
number of migratory birds making it a bird lovers’
paradise. Perhaps the most famous visitor among
thousands of birds flocking to the Northern
wetlands is Greater Flamingos’ who flock in
numbers during the latter part of the year.
Mannar, with its thriving wildlife attracts many
visitors keen to spot turtles, snakes and even the
almost extinct dugongs.
Words by Chathuri Dissanayake
Photos by Vayu Resort Mannar
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