Tripin 2019 - page 48

first ‘outstation’ (out of Colombo)
trip was down the coast to Kalutara.
I started riding the bund along the
Kalu Ganga River, going inland.
After riding for some time I came
upon a local man with a homemade
raft. After a few hand gestures, head
nods and smiles, he loaded my bike
and me on his humble raft and we
all began to glide, crossing the river.
There I was in the middle of the Kalu
Ganga and I was overwhelmed with
the simplicity of the moment. It was
He went on, “It’s those kind of
moments that humble me. Biking
opens up different points of contact
that you would miss otherwise.
It is a means of transportation,
but it goes beyond getting from
A to B. You have an in road into
communities, as you follow foot
trails that go past homes to bathing
spots to open fields. When you
are made aware of how simple
people live, it starts to put your
own life into perspective. Coming
from a culture where enough is
never enough, seeing barefoot kids
overjoyed to play with a stick and
tire, you begin to appreciate the
simpler things. The best thing about
it is that you aren’t just a viewer.
The locals are always ready to spark
up a conversation as they use their
broken English. You in turn get to
entertain them a few words you
might have picked up.”
It was just a matter of time before
Ivan’s solo rides became group
rides, where like-minded riders
joined the adventure of discovering
new terrain. “Colombo, being a large
village, word-of-mouth brings riders
together. Social Media has been
helpful in finding each other, but
the most authentic connections are
ones you make on the road when
you spot a fellow rider.” Ivan was
clear that if you’re interested in the
sport it wont take much looking
Photo by Dan Gold
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