Tripin 2019 - page 49

around to find a connection to
others who are out there riding
on the island. Biking is an entry
point for conversation. It makes
people approachable. There’s
always a friendly gesture between
cyclists that pass each other. Even
though, being a sport, there might
be competition within a group of
riders; it’s always friendly banter
that brings out the best in each
But mountain biking isn’t just
about the social interactions and
enlightened experiences, it has a
thrilling hair-raising angle. Technical
rides in the mountain ranges,
including Knuckles Range and
Corbett’s Gap will push your skills
to their limits. “I grew fond of the
physical challenges of off-roading.
There’s a rush of adrenalin that is
incomparable. And then there’s
wildlife that you might stumble
upon, from wild boar to snakes,
with nothing between you and the
wild. The steep descents that bring
out that moment of hesitation
are scary, but also exciting as you
push through the boundaries of
what’s comfortable. I can recall a
downhill trail, between Haputalle
Photo by Vitalii Tkachenko
Photo by Jaromir Kavan
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