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and Belihuloya, with switchbacks
(zigzag curves) one after another. I
looked down at the computer on my
wrist and clocked my speed at 67km
an hour. That split second when I
became aware of the speed I was
going I said to myself, ‘Ok Ivan that’s
fast enough’ and slowed down. It’s
when adrenalin competes with your
responsibilities that you find yourself
pulling back. I’ve had my fair share of
accidents and I’m always impressed
with the professionals who take it
to another level.” Reliving those
moments made Ivan rock his chair
forward, back on all fours and reach
for his glass.
Ivan spoke of cultural rides in and
around Kandy and the adventure
of taking your bike on the train
and riding in the parcel carriage,
sometimes between chicken cages.
He spoke of the mental strength it
took to make it on the road between
Bambarakanda Falls and Devil’s
Staircase (aptly named), “… a real
hardy 20km climb of about 2000
meters that takes all your physical
strength.” He glowed as he ran
through the beauty of rides in and
around Nuera Eliya and Haputale,
where you might find tea bungalows
to stay at, run by old tea managers,
gems that are very accessible. The
love for the sport had clearly taken
root and almost felt contagious.
If you’re looking for an experience
that takes away every element of
stress, if you’re looking for a way
to peel away the hardships of life,
mountain biking in Sri Lanka can take
you there. Away from suburbia and
the hustle and bustle lies a whole
new world full of amazing landscapes
and friendly faces waiting to meet
you at every turn.
Photo by Jasper R
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