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A granite peak standing 370m tall houses
on its slopes the ruins of a capital built by
the King Kassapa I. The site is accessible
through the mouth of a gigantic lion leading
to a series of staircases and galleries.
The frescoes adorned on its walls have
managed to stay largely intact with the
poems inscribed on its rocks recognized as
the most ancient recorded Sinhalese texts.
Known as the ‘Lion Mountain’, the rock was
a fortified palace thought to have been
impregnable by enemy forces.
A holy pilgrimage destination for over 22
centuries, the Golden Temple is known to
be the best-preserved cave temple complex
in Sri Lanka. This cave monastery along
with its sanctuaries and Buddhist mural
paintings, which cover 2,100 square meters,
have historical significance to the Lord
Sri Lanka’s last sustainable tropical
rainforest located in the southwest,
Sinharaja inhabits a broad ridge in the
heart of the island’s wet zone. Over 60% of
its trees are considered endemic, most of
which are rare. The wildlife here consists
of mammals, butterflies, birds as well as
reptiles and rare amphibians.
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