Tripin 2019 - page 56

There are many reasons
why I photograph
architecture. Creating
images of how we live
and choose to build is
an important way to
look at who we are.
The way we look after
buildings and how we
live within them is even
more remarkable.
It’s impossible to take
pictures of Sri Lankan
architecture without
looking at Geoffrey
Bawa’s work. Some of
the best architectural
photographers in Sri
Lanka and from around
the world have created
iconic images of Bawa’s
buildings. What really
motivated me to look at
Bawa more closely was
a necessity to record
everything that still
exist, as objectively as
possible. For me seeing
lesser known buildings
like the Ratnapura
Tennis Club or the
Kalutara Public Library
was just as exciting as
his more well-known
buildings like the
astonishing Kandalama
Hotel or my personal
favourite the Ena de
Silva house.
No11. 33rd Lane Colombo
Words and Photos by Sebastian Posingis
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