Tripin 2019 - page 69

Countless tiny trickles of water emanate from the
lush highlands of the Singharaja rainforest. Collecting
themselves into crystal clear streams further into
their descent, these waterways undergo dramatic
transformations and converge as waterfalls, enchanting
onlookers with their breathtaking cascades.
The Singharaja Forest Reserve is a hotbed of biodiversity,
and was recognized as a World Heritage Site by
UNESCO in 1988 for its remarkable reserves of endemic
flora and fauna. Its dense vegetation covers a range of
8,864 hectares, rolling over its high mountain reaches
of above 1000 meters to lowlands that lie 300 meters
above sea level. Singharaja is an ancient remnant of
Gondwanaland, the original supercontinent, and is home
to more than 150 species of endemic flora and fauna.
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