Tripin 2019 - page 70

The visual and aural aesthetics of
Singharaja are enchanting. Replete
with giant creepers and tangled
root networks, myriad hues of
emerald green, towering trees,
droning orchestras of cicadas,
and the omnipresent sounds of
trickling streams; the forest offers
a meditative absorption for those
who walk through its shaded
trails. Its aesthetic charm is no
less apparent when wanderers
encounter the waterfalls that can
be found in different parts of the
A majority of the waterfalls are
concentrated in the southern
slopes of the rainforest’s domain.
They can be accessed via two
entrances; Pitadeniya (from the
Deniyaya area), and Lankagama
(via Neluwa). The waterfalls of
the Pitadeniya entrance can be
reached in a brisk four to five
kilometer hike. Pathan Ella, the
further of the two falls, can be
reached after a kilometer-long
ascent on a hilly trail off the
main path, and Kekuna Ella, the
more popular destination, can be
reached with an easier trek. The
natural pool at the base of Kekuna
Ella gives trekkers a welcome
opportunity to bathe in the
crystalline waters of the rainforest.
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