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But the most prolific of the two entrances is the
lesser used Lankagama entrance which can be
accessed through a decrepit road via Neluwa,
or a scenic nine kilometer hike from Pitadeniya
along the Gin Ganga. Known as the “Ali Paha” (five
falls), five scenic waterfalls cascade from different
elevations of the forest. From Brähmana Ella at
the base to Üran Watuna Ella at the furthest, the
connecting trek takes you to three other waterfalls
named Gal-Oruwa Ella, Thattu Ella, and Düwili Ella;
and each of the falls radiates a unique character
with a charm of its own.
While the dry season affords travelers a stress-free
hike, the rainy season comes with the caution of
plenty of leeches who will happily plug away at the
slightest bit of bare skin. Be prepared to go with
leech repellent or leech socks during the wetter
times of the year and enjoy a hassle-free trek
through one of the most pristine rainforests in Asia!
*Forest department rules dictate that visitors
require a guide to enter Singharaja. Guides can be
found near the Pitadeniya entrance. Also note that
their command of English may be basic at best.
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