Tripin 2019 - page 74

Located in Sri Lanka’s far north,
Jaffna is a little off the beaten path.
Emerging from decades of civil
war, the relatively laid back city is
full of old world charm. Its resilient
people are unbelievably friendly
and welcoming, and as it continues
to rebuild it is fast becoming a part
of Sri Lanka that you can’t miss!
Jaffna is the cultural capital of the
Sri Lankan Tamil population and
in many ways is very different to
rest of the island. After almost
five months in the south we were
captivated by the city and fell in
love with the affable locals, mellow
atmosphere and phenomenal food.
We’ve put together a 48-hour
sample itinerary that highlights
some of our favourite parts, but
you could easily spend a lot longer
in this beautiful town.
Words and Photos by Hannah Pye
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