Tripin 2019 - page 80

I belong to the generation that
has probably witnessed the most
amount of change in our skyline
in such a short space of time.
Though I often veer between awe
and dismay. Awe, when I manage
to see through luscious trees into
stunning mansions in the heart
of this metropolis. Dismay when I
realize that urbanization is making
this seaside capital slowly lose its
From a third world war torn
country, to an emerged market
(whatever emerged means),
development seems to have
made us quite confused about a
collective vision, which is natural.
We’re not yet used to thinking as a
unified nation. We all want different
things, but we all share one thing
in common: we want a place to call
home that inspires, embraces and
supports us.
The Garden City, as it was
known in the 60’s. In 2018,
I’m not sure I agree.
Words by Leah Marikkar
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