Tripin 2019 - page 84

The newly released app and map
packs by iDiscover Colombo
features illustrated maps and guides
of Colombo’s most captivating and
historic neighborhoods. iDiscover
has also released a storybook which
contains 32 interviews from the
residents of these neighborhoods.
The content and artwork for the
maps and The Storybook have
been illustrated and curated by
local artists and writers who give
an insiders perspective to Colombo.
The neighborhoods featured are
Pettah, Fort, Cinnamon Gardens,
and Slave Island and the guides
include historic buildings, religious
centres, shops, local food spots and
much more.
The iDiscover Colombo app is
available as a free download on
both iOS and Android. The guide
can be purchased at selected
Colombo retailers or online on
iDiscover’s website.
Illustration by Ruwangi Amarasinghe
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