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When I was growing up, my father had a coconut
estate in the deep south of the island. Trips to
Matara, were often and ritualistic. We would speed
down the old Galle Road hugging the coastline
only stopping for lunchtime and teatime at our
favourite haunts. As a Sri Lankan living overseas I
always crave a taste of home and as a Bartender, it
inspires me to experiment with classic Sri Lankan
flavours in my cocktails.
I don’t think I’m alone in my belief of the
following two things: The first, is that the
perfect accompaniment to any rice and curry
dish is a Lankan cucumber and tomato salad.
The citrus from the lime, the crunch from the
cucumber and the juicy tomato hit, bring with
it, a welcome contrast to the intense flavour and
spice, of a traditional meal. The other belief is
that there is always room for a hot, sweet, cup
of ginger tea. The common denominator across
the islands peoples, ginger tea is drunk in every
home and roadside establishment. As odd as
a cocktail combining tea with salad may seem,
the components work extremely well together,
providing a light and refreshing drink that is as
quirky as it is delicious.
I truly believe that bartending is a skilled
trade. Studying the classic recipes, perfecting
techniques, learning the history of alcohol and
its relationship with people all over the world;
these are a few things I’m passionate about. This
curiosity has led me to experiment and create
cocktails that tell a story of their own, while
paying respect to the long history of mixology.
- tomato : 1/4 of a full
- cucumber : 4 slices
- cilantro : 8 leaves
- green chili : 2 tiny slices
- 3/4oz fresh lime juice
- 3/4oz Tequila
- 3/4oz Gin
- 1oz ginger tea simple syrup
Ginger tea syrup
Bring equal parts of sugar and
water to a boil with earl grey or
orange pekoe tea. Add slices of
fresh ginger before boiling. Strain.
Add all ingredients into shaker
with muddled components. Add
ice and shake vigorously. Double
strain into a coup or martini glass
and serve.
Prajeev can be found currently
shaking things up in Vancouver
BC at the Fairmont Waterfront
Hotel as well as the occasional
pop up bars under the name
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