Tripin 2019 - page 92

Photo by Joanna Kosinska
You can’t go to many places on our
little island without being offered
the customary cup of tea. It might
have been the infamous British
that brought this brew across the
seas and laced our rolling hills with
beautifully terraced bushes, but the
ritual of drinking tea throughout
the day has become ingrained in
the culture of the locals who have
taken full ownership of the ritual.
‘Tea-Time,’ although it might seem
like an excuse to stop all activities
and indulge in a little chit-chat or
do nothing at all, is a mini right-
of-passage for particular moments
of the day. Workers see it as their
right, and no employer dares to
challenge their mid-morning cup or
afternoon tea break. In fact I’m sure
they too enjoy their moments of
peace with a warm cup in hand.
Our beloved ‘Ceylon Tea’ is
more than just a souvenir
beautifully packed to
lure the next visitor, it
is a custom, a culture,
a habit we just can’t
seem to shake.
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