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Anup Vega is a major figure in the
contemporary Sri Lankan art scene.
Born in the central mountainous
district of Kurunegala in 1967, he
was drawn towards painting in his
early childhood by a transcendental
experience. His work focuses on
inquiries into the Self, the natural
world and the nature of illusion.
Since the late 1990s, he has
exhibited extensively in Sri Lanka at
Paradise Road Galleries, the Saskia
Fernando Gallery and the Lionel
Wendt to name a few, as well as
internationally at the XVA Gallery
in Dubai, and the Edinburgh Fringe
Festival in Scotland.
Much of Anup’s work is inspired
by Sri Lankan landscapes. Over
the past thirty years, he has
travelled extensively on the island,
choosing the roads less travelled
and trekking for days through
remote areas such as the Knuckles
Here Daisy Perry interviews the
artist about his life and work,
philosophies, influences and
inspiration. The two met at the
Galle Art Trail in 2008 and have
been friends ever since.
Words by Daisy Perry
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