Tripin 2019 - page 98

What does art mean to you?
For me, art should have the power to
transform people’s animal instincts into
a desire for eternal and divine freedom
from self-slavery.
Sri Lanka has a long history of producing
impressive art and architecture, has this
influenced you in any way?
Yes, indeed – in many ways. I enjoy
the aesthetics and the harmony of
the gardens, parks, lakes and hunting
grounds created at different times
by different kings and queens who
were doing their thing. The natural
environment in these places is inspiring
and full of beauty, light and bliss. As a
result, wherever I go, I try and create this
harmony in my surroundings
In 2017, you spent time in the UK, firstly
for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and
then in London…Can you tell me a bit
about this experience?
Over the years, I have learnt that contrast
is on the surface meaning that in the
East or West, there is the same confusion.
One of the highlights of my time in the
UK was exhibiting my installation ‘Return
to Stillness’ in Edinburgh. Based on an
ancient Sri Lankan harvesting ritual,
it pays respect and gratitude to the
elements - water, earth, fire, wind and
space – which when combined create
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