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What advice do you have for aspiring
Grow your own food, know your
medicinal garden, and sync yourself
with the seasons. Drink lots of water,
pee a lot too – this keeps the system
cleansed. Rest when you are tired, let
go and grow. Reproduce living art. Be
a watcher of your thoughts and make
your own religion!
Ultimately creativity means
independence. Only then is it possible
to be noble. By this I mean that once
you are independent, you can really
experience authentically, without
a crowd or society. Nobility is that
purity. Also I would say that there
are aesthetics in everything, art is in
everything, god is omnipresent; we only
have to enjoy it. Nature is the ultimate
What would you like to see for the
future of Sri Lanka?
A new level of environmental awareness
among Sri Lankans. For people to
become more conscious of nature,
more friendly to animals. Also for there
to be fewer factories and more farms
– for people to live more harmoniously
with the land. Of course, increased
multiculturalism is also very important.
What is your life mantra?
Shanthi - Peace!
Photos by Daisy Perry and Anup Vega
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