Tripin 2020 - page 14

Every issue of Tripin gives us an
excuse to fall in love with our island
home once again. It never fails to
amaze me how everyone on the
team talks about new findings with
a glimmer in their eye, like kids on
a treasure hunt. We look forward
to each publication and take
advantage of the chance to explore
to our heart’s content.
2020 comes with the aftermath
of difficult times in 2019. We still
carry the weight in our hearts of the
Easter bombings and unrest. It took
a huge toll on tourism and everyone
in some way. But, this year comes
with topping many a chart as the
hot destination. So our hope is that
light at the end of the tunnel would
shine bright as we come out of the
dark times.
This issue was a true celebration
of our roots, looking back on the
ancient city of Pollonaruwa with
monumental photos by Tom Tidball,
we stepped into centuries gone
by. We also explored the majestic
Kelaniya temple and learned lessons
from the Ancient Sri Maha Bodhi
Tree, the oldest recorded planted
tree in the world. Leaning back into
our strong foundation helped us
remember why we are committed to
our island nation.
We were particularly excited to
showcase writings and recipes
from world-renowned Chef Peter
Kuruvita’s new book ‘Lands of the
Curry Leaf.’ We are truly indebted
to Peter as he promotes the flavours
of Sri Lanka across the globe. If
you don’t have this book in your
personal library, I strongly
suggest you make an effort to
acquire a copy.
If you’re looking to explore
the wild, Gehan De Silva
Wijeyeratne’s account of the
wildlife of Sri Lanka doesn’t
miss a beat. If your looking for
something even more extreme,
we touched on the wide array of
extreme sports available across
the island in ‘Get Carried Away.’
We can honestly say, we have a
little something for everyone in
this year’s Tripin.
As you read through this
publication, remember to take it
all in, be in the moment and enjoy
the journey. Happy Tripin!
“It is better to travel well than to
arrive.” - Buddha
Ruby Studio Team
Subha Grassi
Pubudu Udagama
Rejanne Perera
Rama Tidball
G. S. Jeewa
Gayan Deshapriya
Harsha Perera
Avisha De Saram
Amrita Advani
Cover Photo by
Tom Tidball
Mirissa Beach, 2020
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