Tripin 2020 - page 20

What do you do when you get a
call saying the head monk of one
of the most sacred temples in the
country wants to have a word?
You go.
A great friend extended us the
opportunity to work together
with the Kelaniya Temple (one
of the most significant places
of worship for Buddhists in
Sri Lanka) in promoting their
annual Duruthu Maha Perahera; a
mystical pageant where the relics
of Lord Buddha are displayed
in a procession of glamorized
elephants (sequins and all),
fire dancers, whip crackers and
much more. Taking place on the
pre-full moon day of the month
of January every year thousands
of Buddhists and tourists gather
to bear witness to the grand
procession. Peraheras are an
integral part of Sri Lanka’s culture
and we were very excited to play
a part in promoting this historic
Words by Avisha De Saram
Photos by Subha Grassi
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