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I will be forever indebted to this strange
and wonderful island. Through the years,
my relationship with this unique country
has grown into a bizarre love affair,
rocky most of the time but marvelous
all the time. She has uprooted me, spun
me around and left me groping for a
non-existent familiar frame of reference.
Unprepared and unaware of what was
happening at the time of major life
changes, I have learned to roll with the
serendipitous punches thrown by my lover
and realized there is always a challenge,
a test of balance, patience or some other
needful lesson to attend to. I am still
holding on...Ride em, Cowboy!
My first attraction to Sri Lanka had
little to do with the people here as I
had only met one native. But, as that
one eventually became my partner for
life, the door was cracked open and
the adventure had begun. Not knowing
a Tamil from a tambili, I was really
starting from scratch! At first sight,
I was and still am totally enamoured
by the ravishing physical beauty of
the nature of Sri Lanka. Throughout
history, artistic efforts of all kinds have
been inspired by expressions of local
flora and wildlife. In time though, it is
the natives who inevitably grab your
attention — something about indigenous
people seeming to grow out of their
surroundings. The exquisite organic
essence of Sri Lanka — the colours, the
rhythms, the flow of water and wind —
are all naturally reflected in the people of
the land... a rich expression indeed.
In spite of decades of political bunglings,
recent war games, commercialism, and
Photos and Words by Tom Tidball
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